Monday, March 12, 2012

In-Between Performances...

The next show is March 19th, and I'm pretty excited.
I have some new pieces I plan to do and one week left to prepare.
In the meantime, here's a piece I did for the February show with the Spoken Word Samurai at the Pizza Shoppe Collective.  The theme of the show was "Love", so I wrote one about the birth of my son.
I may perform this one again at some time and when I do, I'll post the video.
Speaking of the Samurai...I'll be posting occasional links to their pages as well.  Take a minute and check them out to your right.  They are in the list labeled, "Friends with Voices".  :)

The day you were born

On the day you were born,
The Earth stopped spinning, and every living creature held its breath.

On the day you were born,
The Sun could not rise because the Moon refused to get out of the way,
So intent she was, on seeing the emergence, of your equally round pale head.

On the day you were born,
One day became one year, and no one was the right temperature, and no one could get comfortable, and everyone moaned moved rocked and leaned on each other to find the right place.

On the day you were born,
 The oceans rushed inland at one thousand forty miles an hour in hopes of a better view,
Tsunamis crashed into each other’s elbows like drunken hyenas wrestling for position,
Tides were finally set free, and the crests of their waves peered into our window on the hospital’s fourth floor,
The mountains, saturated with ocean water raced each other toward the Great Plains, opening a scarp twice the size of the Grand Canyon
A flying comet, distracted by the event, smacked face-long into Jupiter, ejecting enough mass to create an extra planet the size of Venus.

On the day you were born,
The Aurora Borealis trembled and hung perfectly still in the air.
Earthquakes grasped their shear forces deep into the core.
Dams buckled under the pressure,
Bridges buckled under the pressure,
People buckled under the pressure,

And in the grand, mad chaos of it all…
Your father’s eyes met mine.
And all that existed was love, and silence.


  1. I so adored the way you read that. I just remember thinking "Holy shit, this woman is fantastic. How the hell am I gonna follow THAT? I gots ta get my A game going." My ego doesn't allow for compliments like that often. Congrats.

  2. Thanks so much, Ephemily!! :D